Undergraduate Research

We encourage our students to participate in research projects and creative scholarship from the beginning of their academic career.


A Significant Learning Experience

Identified as a “high impact” educational practice by researcher George Kuh in his work for the Association of American Colleges and Universities, undergraduate research is often mentioned by graduates as one of the most significant learning experiences of their college years.

Characteristics and benefits of undergraduate research

  • Develop one-on-one mentoring relationship with faculty members
  • Learn to think creatively and developing problem-solving skills in an environment that encourages intellectual risk-taking 
  • Explore topics beyond your main course of study and area of interest
  • Apply widely accepted research methods and ethics
  • Enhance professional communication skills with the opportunity for professional feedback and recognition for achievement in a public forum 
  • Perform research and creative scholarship from anywhere — on campus to a foreign country
  • Apply for research fellowships to help cover the costs of your project
  • Earn academic credit
  • Explore potential careers

Learn more about Undergraduate Research

How to Find a Research Topic

We encourage students to explore topics outside their main area of interest. Interdisciplinary study is a core value here and can broaden your abilities beyond what you may expect. 

View our faculty directory to explore your interest and learn about our faculty's interests.

How to Contact a Faculty Mentor

Once you’ve found a faculty member with an area of expertise you are interested in, visit during office hours or send an email, including this information.

  1. What topic interests you and why
  2. Related courses you have completed
  3. Any prior research experience
  4. Your future career plans
  5. Ask the faculty member about available opportunities