Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Degree Programs

Our graduate degrees can help you take the next step in your career in a discipline that makes use of mathematical and statistical sciences.  

Graduate Programs  

Master of Science in Mathematics 

Our master’s degree program in mathematics allows students to sharpen their skills in different areas of mathematics such as applied mathematics, algebra or analysis. It prepares the student to purse professional careers such as mathematics instructor or teacher, senior budget analyst, math and statistics modeler, accounting supervisor, modeling and simulation analyst, imaging scientist, systems engineer, consultant and actuarial analyst.

Master of Science in Statistics 

There is a high regional demand for individuals with a master’s degree in statistics. Our master’s degree program in statistics prepares you for professional careers such as statistician, biostatistician, data scientist, stat instructor, consultant or data analyst. 

Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

A Ph.D. in statistics or mathematics opens the door to several well-paying professional jobs such as research scientist, assistant professor, data scientist, senior analyst or statistical modeling manager. Choose mathematics or statistics as the principle discipline and another field as the co-discipline. 

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Areas of Research

  • Combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Computational materials science using supercomputers
  • Computational plasma physics
  • Control problems
  • Data assimilation
  • Differential equations
  • Finite element methods
  • Homological methods in commutative ring theory
  • Interface problems
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Numerical methods
  • Stochastic PDEs
  • Various decoupling methods

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Math Colloquium 

Speakers from academia and industry present one-hour seminars about topics of special interest to majors in mathematics and statistics. Anyone is welcome to join, and math graduate students are highly encouraged to participate. 

Math Colloquium are hosted Fridays from 3–4 p.m. during the academic year. Currently, they are held on Zoom.  

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