Chemistry Undergraduate Programs

Our chemistry students work alongside nationally recognized faculty members in our newly renovated, state-of-the-art laboratories.


Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry is designed for students with a strong interest in chemistry who do not plan to work directly in a chemical field or go on to graduate programs. Many students pursue the B.A. in preparation for graduate work in dentistry, law and academia. Some students choose to pursue the B.A. in Chemistry while also taking courses in biology or another secondary interest. Students wanting to double-major may find the flexibility of the B.A. more amenable to scheduling and completion of required courses.

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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is designed to offer comprehensive preparation in all areas of chemistry through hands-on laboratory training, rigorous coursework and independent research. The bachelor's degree provides a comprehensive foundation for students interested pursuing careers in the pharmaceutical, government or academic sectors. Many students go on to pursue studies towards advanced degrees, such as a Master of Science or Ph.D. in various areas of chemistry and molecular sciences. This degree is accredited by the American Chemical Society.

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Chemistry minor

The chemistry minor is designed to allow students to obtain a thorough background in chemistry in conjunction with a major in another academic subject. The minor is open to all UMKC students and is particularly beneficial to any student whose career aspirations require a basic understanding of the molecular sciences.

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