Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs

Our graduate students perform life-improving research in a variety of areas, including dentistry, pharmaceuticals and orthopedics.


Graduate Programs 

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

The Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering offers either a thesis or non-thesis option. Through coursework and research, students can expand their knowledge in a variety of biomedical disciplines.

Specialty areas

  • Biomechanics and computational biology
  • Biomaterials
  • Bioelectronics and medical devices
  • Biomedical signal processing
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Research Areas

  • Biomedical device design
  • Balance and gait
  • Modeling of dental structures
  • Bioelectromagnetics
  • Bone mechanotransduction
  • Fracture mechanics and modeling
  • Human motion
  • Musculoskeletal biomechanics
  • Musculoskeletal modeling
  • Numerical analysis in orthopedics

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